We're media freaks, and ideally, that's where the about page would end, but, since this is our first date, allow us to introduce ourselves: 

Hi, we're Round Seven Media. We are creative and edgy; we love what we do and measure our (your) success in engagement, attendance, and sales. 

As a team, we share experience in design, advertising, digital media, content & experiential marketing, launch strategy, and public relations. These all play into benefiting your brand's visibility and vitality in fostering an active, loyal community. 

Since established in 2013, we've consulted and accompanied the successful launch of brands, products, and services from real estate and automobiles to sneakers and food while continuously challenging boundaries with our unique position on trend-optimization, and building online communities.

At the core of it, to win-win-win, your brand needs incredible aesthetics, superior content, an effective strategy, and a team whose damn good at making noise. Enter us.



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